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Mobile-Tap to call: 315-458-3222

Kickball Rules & Regulations

Fields / Equipment / Misc.

All games will be played at the Spinning Wheel.

Metal spikes will not be allowed.

The league will supply game balls.

All teams will receive official score-books. They are to be used during all games.

II. Officiating

Officials will charge a fee per game ($26). Each team is responsible for covering ½ of that cost at the start of each game ($13).

Suspended unofficial game: Umpire will receive half game fee.

Suspended regulation game: Umpire will receive full game fee.

Show up fee: Umpire will receive half game fee.

The umpire’s word is final and should not to be questioned unless there is a blatant contradiction of the official rules. (See Sportsmanship)

A team’s designated Captain or Co-captain may only question rulings.

Calling of games, already in progress, due to darkness, rain or other causes will be at the discretion of the Umpire.

Games will be called in advance, due to weather conditions or other causes, by Home un Softball staff. All team Captains will be notified or should call to get the latest information.

Any occurrences, which are not covered in these rules, will be noted for later updates. Games may be played under protest. They will be reviewed and decided upon by within 24 hours.

Remember that this is a recreational league; WE ARE ALL HERE FOR FUN!

III. Number of participants

Rosters may hold an unlimited number of participants. All participants must be registered on a waiver/roster. They must be finalized before game time on the first night of the league.

A maximum of 11 players can be on the field for the fielding team and a minimum of 8 players. A catcher is not mandatory for teams of 8 players.

Teams must play a minimum of 4 players of each gender (4 males/4 females).

Teams with fewer than 8 players shall have a 10-minute grace period before a forfeit is declared.

If a team has only 3 available females it may play. However, an out will be called when that spot appears at the end of the lineup. A team will not be allowed to play with 2 or fewer females.

A team must have 4 males. A team will not be allowed to play with 3 or fewer males.

Courtesy runners will be allowed for injuries. Must be the same sex.

Substitutions may be made at the conclusion of an inning (following Home team at bat). Subs must play defense before kicking. Team Captains should notify one another whenever changes in line-up are made. Remember this is a recreational league; WE ARE ALL HERE FOR FUN!

IV. Regulation Game

A regulation game will consist of 7 innings or a time limit of 55 minutes. No new inning will begin after 50 minutes. If the first game starts late, it shall be played until the next game is scheduled to begin.

The “away” team shall bat first. The “home” team will get its last at bat if the time limit is reached and they are either behind or tied. The umpire will make the call to stop a game due to the time limit expiring..

A game is considered official once 4 full innings have been completed..

If, after the completion of seven innings, a game is tied, and the 55-minute threshold has not been reached, the game will continue..

Regular season games may end in ties. During the play-offs, games will continue until a winner is determined. .

Called games shall be rescheduled at a future date determined by Home run Softball staff. Any games unable to be rescheduled will be counted as a tie in league standings..

Each team may have base coaches at first and/or third bases.

V. Pitching / Fielding

A legal pitch must be no higher than knee level of the batter when crossing home plate. Anything higher is considered a “ball”. Whether a pitch is a ball or strike based on bounces should be determined by the height of the last bounce before it crosses home plate.

Enhanced strike zone. There will be a line marked three foot from home plate up each base line. Any pitch rolling between the two lines is in the enhanced strike zone will be considered a strike.

Pitches from male to female players should be thrown at a reasonable rate in the context of sportsmanship. Pitches exceeding a reasonable roll rate will be deemed a ball. It is at the captain’s discretion to approach the opposing team’s captain and umpire to acknowledge these infractions. Remember this is a recreational league; WE ARE ALL HERE FOR FUN!

The pitcher must pitch from a zone 24-inches wide, and running 6-feet back from the pitchers plate toward second base. No running pitches will be allowed. Once the ball is pitched, no player shall advance the infield until the ball is kicked. Infield players may not cross the line between 1st base, the pitcher’s plate, and 3rd base. The catcher must give the batter ample room to kick. The catcher may not break the plane of the front of home plate until the ball is kicked and may not interfere with the kicker. An infraction will result in a called ball. If the ball is kicked, the infraction is negated.

A strike consists of a pitch that rolls thru the enhanced strike zone and below knee level. Any ball kicked into foul territory shall also be considered a strike. Three (3) strikes of any kind will result in an out.

A “ball” shall be called on any pitch that does not pass thru the enhanced strike zone. Three (3) called “balls” shall result in the ball being placed on either side of home plate for a free kick. If the batter kicks the ball into foul territory, they are automatically out.

Once the pitcher is in possession of the ball on the mound, the umpire will call time, with runners advancing no more than the base they are advancing toward. The umpire will also call time if the ball is in the infield and no runners are attempting to advance.

The batting team has three (3) outs per half inning. An out results due to the following:
-Three (3) strikes
-A ball caught on the fly
-Base runner is forced out
-Base runner is hit with ball while not on base (if a runner is hit with the ball before a run scores in a third out situation, the run does not count)

There is no infield fly rule. However, it is the judgment of the umpire to determine if a fielder has intentionally (obviously) allowed the ball to drop to turn a double play. Should this happen, the batter will be called out and all remaining base runners will advance one (1) base.

Verbal interference directed towards a defensive player attempting to make a play is not allowed, and will result in an out.

Once a fielder makes contact with a fly ball, a runner may tag up and attempt to advance. The ball does not need to be a clean catch first. This prevents a fielder from bobbling the ball in an attempt to keep runners at their base.

Depending on the severity of any infraction or misconduct, suspensions may apply, subject to the discretion of the Home run Softball staff.

All umpires have the ability to summon local law enforcement officials, at their discretion.

VI. Kicking / Base Running

There is no designated kicker. In order to earn the right to kick during your offensive half of the inning, all kicking players must have played defense during the previous half-inning.

The kicker may not kick the ball until the ball crosses home plate. Kicking the ball before the plate is a strike (delayed dead ball). If the kicked ball resulted in an out, the infraction is negated.

Bunting is not allowed. Any ball that does not cross the chalk line from 3rd to 1st base may be declared a bunt, unless the batter completes full extension of leg while kicking. Umpires shall acknowledge any suspected infraction with team captains. Bunting will be called as a dead ball and declared a strike.

Runners must stay in the base line path. Fielders trying to make an out on base may have their foot on base, but lean out of the baseline. Fielders impeding the runner’s path to the base shall result in the runner being awarded the base, unless the fielder is going for the ball.

Leading and stealing are not allowed. Leading off the base will result in a delayed dead ball and a strike for the player at bat. If the strike or kick would have resulted in an out the infraction is negated.

Base runners cannot leave the base until there is an attempt to kick the ball.

Sliding is legal. Please do so with caution (keeping fielder and yourself in mind).

One base on an overthrow. An overthrow constitutes a ball that is thrown out of play. Out of play is determined by a ball thrown beyond the extended bench line. A ball thrown past the base or target that remains in the field of play is not considered an overthrow; the ball must go out of play!

After a fly ball that is caught, any runners previously on a base must tag up before advancing to the next base. Failure to tag up before advancing results in an out if the runner is properly appealed.

BALLS THROWN AT THE BASE RUNNERS MUST BE BELOW THE SHOULDERS! Any head shot results in advancement to the next base. A headshot caused by sliding or any other offensive maneuver will not result in a defensive penalty. Any intentional hitting of the ball with the head by a runner will result in an out.

If a ball hits the kicker or runner in fair territory after being kicked, the batter or runner is out. A runner hit by a fair ball while standing on a base will be out, if forced. Intentionally redirecting the ball by the batter or runner will result in a dead ball.

In case of injury or illness, a time-out may be requested for participant removal and replacement with a substitute of the same sex. If the participant later returns to play, the participant must be inserted in the same fielding and kicking order position previously held.

If a player is ejected, and no sub is available, the line up will continue in same formation, less the removed player and an out will be called whenever the ejected player’s spot appears in the line-up.

15 run “Mercy” rule will be in effect following the conclusion of 4 full innings. If a team is down by 15 or more runs at the conclusion of 4 full innings or beyond, the game is considered final. However, recreational play can continue through the full 55-minute period.

VII. Sportsmanship

Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Each team member is responsible for his or her conduct.

Players should have no intentional or unwelcomed physical contact with opposing players. Doing so will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the offending player will be ejected.

Umpires shall warn/eject if necessary; any player’s guilty of foul, obscene, profane or abusive language.

Failure to leave the area and grounds in a timely and courteous manner will lead to team’s forfeit of the game.

Anyone ejected from play will be suspended for a minimum of the rest of the night and the following
weeks scheduled games!


No alcohol may be brought onto the playing field during games.

Please pick up after yourselves. The other teams deserve a clean facility to play in.

Remember this is a recreational league; WE ARE ALL HERE FOR FUN!

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