Mobile-Tap to call: 315-458-3222
Mobile-Tap to call: 315-458-3222

Chicken BBQ’s

Wood Fired Rotisserie Chicken
Biscuits and Chicken Gravy
Barbecue Beef
Gianelli Italian Sausage
Fried Peppers and Onions
Hamburgers and Cheesburgers
Hoffman Hot Dogs and Coneys
Salt Potatoes
Sweet Corn
Tossed Green Salad
Assorted Dressings
Fruit and Relish Bar
Homemade Desserts
Assorted Soda
Iced Tea
Hot Coffee and Tea

Chicken Barbecue Menu…..$30.00 per person
Menu with Draught Beer…..$33.00 per person

All Prices Plus 8% Sales Tax and 15% Gratuity.